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Laughter, Lyrics and Art Feb. 6 2018

This is a variety show of sorts, with good vibes and great jokes aplenty. Laugh off the Super Bowl & pretend Valentine’s Day isn’t on the horizon.

Hilarious host Shanon O’Donnell brings together a dozen fire comedians plus musicians with soul. Arrive at 6:30 to catch live painting by Phil Santos and Jen Lovita.

This event is free if you promise to clap and laugh.

Painting by... Phil Santos Jen Lovita

Music by... Runson Willis Bret Levengood Taylor Hinds

Comedy by... Joe McAvoy Monique Madrid Tim Spencer Mike Glazer Nick Scardarazi Jeb Purcell Sam Melendres Salma Zacky Aarron Capinegro Ramsey Badawi Nick Taravella

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