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Laughter, Lyrics and Art Nov. 7, 2017

Bad day? Wake up and immediately stub your toe? Hop in the shower and get soap in your eye? Get out, dry off and get hit with that break-up text? Sometimes life is hard, so come LAUGH it off at our monthly comedy night !!!

The event is totally FREE and features top local stand-up comedians, live music and interactive street art. It’s a Venice Variety show.

Where: Fabric Studios, in the heart of Venice When: Every first Tuesday of the month Why: to laugh and celebrate the arts

Doors open at 6. Lineup includes:

Street Art/Live Painting: Phil Santos with accompanying music

Music: Runson Willis and Drew Dockerill

Hosted by: Shanon O’Donnell

Comedy: Sara Fina Costanza Aarron Cappinegro Olivia Hill Art Hernandez Tim Spencer Jeb Purcell Felicia Folks

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