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This is How I See You Mar. 3 2018

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

"This is How I See You" is a love letter to people as they are right now - more beautiful, youthful and full of life than they realize. Every human is purposefully manufactured to be a member of this planet and every single one has something extraordinary. This series is a study of that. It is an ode to the people in my life who bring something invigorating to the table. I aim to take the picture that you will one day show to your grandkids and say, “This is me, in my 20’s.” So please join me on Saturday, March 3rd to see those as I see them - as the marvelous people that they are. - Nell

There will be wine and cheese Live Music provided by Henry Solomon and band!

Come for the photos, stay for the people and good times!

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